Nest Liquidless

Nest Liquidless

This is the Chicest Way to Make Your Home Smell Amazing Without Burning it Down


Home fragrance is a thing now, did you guys know this? Where have you been? Where have I been? While everyone’s been trading candles around as a generally polite “I don’t know you that well but here’s a nice thing” house-warming gift, the options for scenting your living space have just gotten uber-fancy and uber-efficient. Nest Fragrances have unleashed a Liquidless Diffuserunto the home market — both powerfully scent-y and very very chic. The name may bear a double-take, but it’s basically like those concentrated oil reed diffusers sans liquid and sans corny vase-like container (eliminating the disastrous spill potential).

The ScentSticks™ come in three different fragrances: Bamboo (a white floral and fresh citrus scent), Grapefruit (pink pomelo grapefruit with lily of the valley and coriander), and Moroccan Amber (amber, patchouli, bergamot and heliotrope), all of which last a languid 90 days allegedly (that’s a quarter of a year!). We can say from experience that using all the ScentSticks at once is a powerful effect, so if you’re just trying to waft-up a smaller room, you can start with two sticks and add more sticks when those start to fade (budgeting smells — how post-modern). Plus the stainless steel holder looks so minimal-cool. When your ScentSticks finally do run their course, you can keep your equally minimally cool in there (or toothbrush holder, makeup brush holder, so many options!).


By Sable Yong of Allure Magazine

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